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Care Instructions

Caring For Your Accessories

We want your precious accessories to last as long as possible! It is very natural for silver or alloy plated jewellery to tarnish, blacken or discolour over time, particularly if the piece is worn regularly.

Tarnish is caused by several factors including:

  • Exposure to moisture, humidity, sunlight and oxygen
  • Acidity (pH balance) of a person’s skin, which in turn is affected, for example, by diet, medication and stress
  • Exposure to perfumes, soaps, moisturisers, shampoo etc. and cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid and bleach
  • Exposure to chlorine


To ensure your Skye & Co accessory remains in the best condition possible, always keep your pieces stored in a safe place. Avoid contact with water, perfumes, moisturisers, cleaning products and/or products with chemicals. When you are not wearing your accessory, store it in a dry place and away from direct light.